You’re a fake fan. Now stop buying those albums!

I’m not going to say the trending topic was mature – but it was definitely worth a laugh or two. Very true, too. Fans should be allowed to speak up and express their feelings. Doesn’t mean they’re not supporting, or hating. True fans purchase albums and tickets for their shows. For those of you that were trying to trend “We Support Joe” where were you when his album sells were less than 20K? You were obviously not supporting. Most of you “fans” only show up when there’s drama that you don’t quite agree with. I remember some of you even called BS on ~Nelta being a rebound for the Australian herself. I’m sure you felt stupid once she proved you all wrong in a magazine interview for Vogue. Yet you don’t seem to listen to the “haters” because deep down you don’t want to admit that some of us are completely right. People don’t “hate” because they’re jealous sometimes. They dislike a person because they can see straight through someone’s act or fake personality. Maybe you should learn the difference between love, lust, and rebound. You’re all especially old enough to know.

Another thing about this fandom that I really dislike would be that nobody is allowed to express their opinion. You get in return “you are a fake fan” what exactly is a fake fan? I’m baffled by this expression. Does it mean you download the albums without purchasing them? That’s all that should really matter in the fan department. If someone is your idol, and you look up to them as a person, if something happens you’re going to express how disappointed you are. Why don’t you deal with that? Sometimes you don’t have to support a relationship. I certainly didn’t support Katie (Kate) Holmes decision to marry that dwarf Tom Cruise. Look how things ended up! Single and divorced now. People have opinions about things. It’s their accounts. Let them say what they want, and if you don’t like it, then look away.




Suspended Twitters, Guinea pigs, and Derick! Oh my!

My twitter was suspended this morning. I have to say – I was a little angry towards Taylor and her gang of twitter friends for attacking my block button. While I’m flattered that she’s devoting all of her attention to me, it was still very wrong. I understand that you have a slight intense obsession with me, and you were probably jealous that your boyfriend was replying to me. You didn’t like my replies, did you? I get it. Nobody puts baby in the corner. Even though it was still very wrong, I forgive you! I could never stay mad at some of my biggest fans! How could I? You practically dedicate your life to me now. Thankfully you don’t know where I live, or else I’d probably have Taylor or Kayla camping outside for me to walk out and say hi.

Then we have my little buddy, David. You’re in London bro! Why are you so wrapped up in  who replies to me? You’re also a bit of a liar. I’ve figured this out by your far fetch stories. Remember when you said you saw Joe with Jessica Potts in Feb? Same. Remember when you said you saw Joe and Natashia walking around in London, but they were on a train? Same. You’ll do anything for attention so there’s no reason to claim that it upsets you. K, Tommy Boy?

Another honor is definitely Derick Henry fighting with me over Twitter – AFTER blocking me! It was a one way fight. He can’t see what I have to say, but I can see his lame come backs? He didn’t “sit me in my place” he just showed how unprofessional he truly is. It was actually awkward. Especially when he’s the same age as my own father. How weird is that? He’s too busy fighting over a social network with people the same age as his own children. If a small twitter account can get under his skin that much, then I must be telling the truth? He can dish it out, but he can’t take it. Especially when it comes to people calling him out on his own issues. I certainly hope Mr Jonas knows what his own employees are doing in their spare time. Attacking those that pay their bills on Twitter, and talking about his sons private life. How sad.

When it comes to Natashia Ho my opinion is/will never change. I can’t help it that she made it easy for us to figure out she’s a whore. That girl has absolutely no respect for herself, so why would I? Last time I checked when people post pictures of their carpet burned knees, they deserve to be called out for that. Once you’re labeled something, you’re always going to be that. Your past will always catch up with you no matter what. Especially when it comes to the internet. This girl is dying for positive attention, but with her attitude/reputation she will never receive that. I just hope Joe knows what he’s getting himself into. You are who you surround yourself with, and that “girl” is nothing but trouble in the making. Instead of buying her plane tickets/train seats he should think about setting up a botox appointment. Maybe they can take care of that butt chin she’s got going on.

As for those that replied to me on Twitter believing I wasn’t going to get it back. That’s funny. I’ve got a little news for you: BITCH CAN SEE, and I’m here to stay.



Natashia Whore Ho is a Joe Jonas teenie

This girl is a teenie disaster just waiting to happen. Look, I get that she’s a Jonas fan and all, but when you associate yourself with these people, it’s time to chill out girl. It’s time to grow up. I don’t care what anyone says. I have a bad feeling about this one, and I have from the start. It was even before I saw the disgusting weed pictures, and TAO stories of her giving hand jobs in VIP. I would love to know… where is Joe’s dignity? I feel like he doesn’t care who he hangs out with now. It’s so sad to see such a good boy surround himself around these God awful people. Especially NatasHO. Friends or more than friends, this is a bad person to have around. Not only did she make it completely obvious about where she was going/who she was going to see, I think she’s planned this all along.

She wants people to know everything. She said herself on Twitter that people should be more open on Instagram. Ashley Greene/Camilla Belle had more class than to ever put themselves down to this standard. And that’s shocking for me to say that about Ashley, really. Not that I hated on her. I just thought the entire relationship was a joke, and a huge ticking-bomb that was going to go off any minute. This girl pins Joe on Pinterest, brags on Instagram, and creates Twitter accounts with her friend to put her name out there linked to Joe’s. All I have to say is… what the hell are you thinking, Joe? Open your eyes and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can assure you that Natashia is not going to be there. I thought you had a little more respect for yourself than to hang around with a pot-head wannabe famous whore.



P.S. JoeJFrance/old lady Mimi – shut the heck up. Not everyone is going to love this chick, and they’re not jealous of a famewhore. It’s an opinion. Stop being a bully. At YOUR age, you should really know better, honey.

Derick Henry strikes again..

Since when did Derick get promoted to M&G handler? He might as well get paid for that too. Since, you know, every event or show he picks his favorites who gets to meet Joe. Every single time. I think it’s unfair to fans that have never met Joe before, really. He continues to basically award those that camp outside, stalk them, and don’t really deserve to meet him again after the 20th time this week of meeting him. I’ve read where some fans didn’t get a chance to meet him almost every show, but the same people see him every time. All because of Derick Henry. This guy is totally unprofessional. I’ve never seen anything like it! Have you ever heard of a body guard that goes clubbing with their client? I haven’t. Anytime that I see someone who is paid to PROTECT another, they’re not clubbing or going on vacations. I know rumors are just rumors, but I’ve seen Derick blow up on fans on twitter. How many times has this same problem happened? Countless. You would be surprised how many fan experiences this man ruins because he likes the power above them. Last time I checked Joe was the celebrity, and he’s just the body guard. Unless someone is physically attacking him, then Derick should learn his job properly.

I’ve met Joe once or twice. I’m not really jealous of the stalker fans. I think after once or twice it’s time that you give someone else to experience a meeting with a celebrity you like, or think highly about. He’s going to be the same person every time. What’s the point of seeing him every day? News flash, you’re not going to date or marry him. You’re a fan. Learn to stay in your place.

Yours truly,


P.S. This is a blog. Not a gossip site. I express my opinions on celebrities and others.
And “Mamba”, I know you’re reading this… but enough with the wolf pack crap. Hanging out with guys who are young enough to be your sons won’t make you 20 years old again.

Oceanup should shut up, or wave out.

According to Oceanup, if you’re spotted or photographed with someone, then you’re automatically dating that person. You know how Nick Jonas digs the older ladies? Well, let’s say this, what if he’s spotted with his grandmother or a great aunt? Once they’re photographed we all know they’ll post the pictures with a dumb title such as, “Nick Jonas SASSY and SEXY holding girlfriend’s dentures!” Like, really?

I’ve noticed their hate towards Joe for a while now. Why? I have no idea. Do they think they’re somewhat funny? Because most of us aren’t laughing. Look at your choices in life, Josh. You look like an asian girl with a bad haircut. I actually thought you were a girl at first!  Sucking up to the Lovato family is not going to get you far in life. Maybe a few bipolar slaps, and a couple of X Factor tickets to shut you up. You can’t blame a bitchy attitude on sarcasm. I’d say you can direct me to Sears, but I’m afraid you’ve bought out the entire store with your pathetic wardrobe. Don’t like what I have to say? I’m sorry, but maybe YOU should make like a Tom, and cruise.



Do YOU think Oceanup should wave out? Leave your comments down below if you’d like!

Joe meets Hawaii


“[BlindGossip] What was a fading teen idol doing in a questionable neighborhood late one night? Catching a bite to eat at a local restaurant, uncomfortably posing with the occasional fan for photos, and…  scoring dr*gs?

That’s right. When he thought no one was looking, he met up with the local party girl, who took him into the alley next to a restaurant. Were they asking for menu recommendations? Not unless they come from some shady character dressed all in black in an alley. The hookup girl (Oh, hello Natashia!) did the introductions. The two men nodded at each other, exchanged a couple of words, and then exchanged money for a black plastic baggie. The whole deal took less than a minute, and our boy looked very paranoid, glancing around, and pulling his baseball cap low over his eyes. The man in black took off in one direction, and our boy jumped into a waiting car with the local girl and split.

My, my, my, this young performer is quite the multi-tasker! Television appearances , bad music, fake relationships, and he still manages to find time to score a little sum sum in the back alleys. Time to go to r*hab, brah!”

If this isn’t twisted then I don’t know what is! For years this Jonas Brother has advertised “good clean fun” to everyone. Now it seems like all of his dirty little secrets are coming out at once. When did this start exactly? No idea. Clearly long before his wolfpack protector and “bodyguard” came into the picture. And we all know Willy Ville is too busy scouting the playgrounds for future fresh meat. I understand that when you come of age, you want to experience certain things, and see what the world has to offer. Usually that’s scenery, and not what actually grows that you can blaze. I don’t support drug abuse. Not everyone smokes weed, or messes with drugs at that age. Question. If everyone jumped off the bridge, would you? I am not pointing into his direction and pinning a red “D” on his chest for drug addict, but I am saying the rumors are starting to add up. Is he leading a double life? Even Hannah Montana decided to get rid of the wig, Joe. I’m a fan of his work, but not his choices. Clean it up, bro.



Aloha to the coat-tail riders

In the fame game if you’re even slightly “famous” you will deal with a few coat-tail riders here and there. Now if your last name is Jonas, then you’ll probably have more than one or two users in your lifetime. Nope, this is not a post about Mikey Deleasa.

I was a little suspicious about the “Joeho” spotting in Hawaii that happened just a short week ago. The only spotting that actually said her full name, or even at all was this old guy that claimed to assist them. He knew she was a model, her full name, and everything about her. At first I thought she was famous in her homeland, but then I soon realized why would someone who is well known in her city move to Las Vegas to become a go-go dancer for VIP’s? She could walk around in her bra and panties in Hawaii as well. That’s because she’s a nobody, and it didn’t make any sense that a guy of his age would know everything about someone, and then once people questioned that he backed away, pretending like he didn’t know a thing about her. Now he follows her on Instagram, and commenting “You can always come home” looks suspicious to me.

“@CrisSisonAban: Just got done meeting Joe Jonas and Natashia Ho. 2 wonderful person  have a nice Hawaiian Vacation you 2”

Check out this tweet. Weird, right? He switched his story around more than Taylor Swift switches the victim card around in her direction. Still answering haters to this day, just like her friend KRISti who helps choreagraph for circus de soleil from time to time. Both seem to enjoy the word Aloha and can’t discover the spacebar to save their lives. Is it an Hawaiian thing? Love and light, Hawaiians. Anyone remember the article of Joe & Natashia from CDS, with someone claiming she was his girlfriend, and now it’s changed to friend? Maybe some of you can put two and two together and realize what I’m trying to say here.

😉 Aloha,