The Double Standards of Hollywood.





Back in the day, Hollywood used to be this glamorous and respected place for talented people. They never used to focus on their personal lives, and more on the talent they brought to the table. There weren’t so many “huge” celebrities back then, because they signed and shed light on those who had talent, unlike Hollywood today. These days anyone can become famous and walk the carpet. There are so many people who are worshipped for pointless things (sex tapes, reality shows, who they’re dating…) and E! has made that possible for these talentless people.

Yes gossip articles did exist back in the day, but they were nothing like they are now. they didn’t exist to take people down, tear them apart, and bring them to the brink of breaking down. Lately I’ve watched them treat Justin Bieber this way. I know the excuse that he’s a teenager, and teenagers make mistakes is overused, except it’s true. Teenagers do make mistakes. I’m sure plenty of you have made the similar mistakes at some point, but it’s pushed under the rug and forgotten because it’s not plastered all over the news for you, but for him it is. He’s haunted by this. In the media today, if you have talent then you are going to get bashed. If you’re known for a reality show, or you are basically given your fame by the people you hang out with, then you’re worshipped. How is that okay?

Recently I had the chance to ask a few questions to a good friend of mine, who is in fact a Belieber herself. I was curious how she felt about the drama that is surrounding her favorite celebrity these days. 


Q: When news broke about Justin’s arrest, what was your first thought? How did you feel?

A: Well, It’s always shocking when you get hit by such rough news like that, specially when you wake up to them in the morning by someone else. I just felt like someone had just thrown a glass of cold water right in front of my face, I just went kind of nuts because I knew absolutely nothing about it at first, It was just rough. The whole thing was hard to put together and deal with as a fan and a Belieber.

Q: TMZ has taken a lot of stories and over dramatized the situation. Some fans believed them right away, and many believed in Justin. What do you have to say to those fans that turned on Justin because of toxic gossip?

A: I think there are always going to be fans who turn on Justin due to toxic gossip. Media is an expert when it comes to brainwashing people. It’s hard to tell when something is real or not because you are not there to say what’s true or not, you just guide by news being reported online. Sometimes it’s not our best option but it’s what we got, sometimes you have to sit down and remind yourself it should be confirmed by some reliable source to be trusted but you know, not all people keep that in mind so it’s logical people turn on him often.

Q: If you could say one thing or more to Justin about the drama, hate, or life in general what would it be?

A: If I had the chance to talk to Justin about the drama and hate or life in general I’d tell him, first of all, to keep his head up because he is 19/20 years old and he’s going to make mistakes and hopefully, learn from them but what makes him different is the pressure he has on his shoulders so I’d as well tell him to try to deal with it the best he can. I’d take the chance to tell him he’s getting better and improving in this business and that media is obviously expecting a reaction from him so he should never give them the satisfaction of getting what they want. Music is his therapy then he should take the opportunity to speak through it creating something new and unique with HIS side of the story and his feelings about what he’s been going through lately. I’d tell him to watch his back because when you’re so big and you’re in the position he is, a lot of things get blurry and you’re not always capable of realizing who surrounds you. Justin’s a great artist and a great person with a big heart but my main advice for him would be: Waych your back and keep it up.

Q: After this blows over, and Justin takes a full break, do you think he’ll want to come back to music or continue a normal life?

A: Well.. Justin has always said he had given up his privacy and all of a normal life contains to be the greatest he can be, I think pressure lies and rumors come with fame bsides the success, promotion and satisfying experiences you can get from it, so I believe Justin must have sat down and told himself ”I want a normal life again.” but he knows that if he could take his normal life back he wouldn’t because as much of a nightmare his new life has turned out to be, this is his life now and a lot of things came along with it besides the negavitity. He has his Beliebers, he has earned friends and close talented people he’s been and is working on his music now…Anyone in his position would love to get a normal life again but at the end of the day he is aware he’s achieved a lot on his own and he’s gotta learn to deal with all the negavitivy and crap coming along with it. It’s not going to fade because he wants to but he has a gift between his fingers.. He is able to convert hate and negavitivy into art and that says alot about the choice he is making at the moment.

Q: You come from such a strong fandom. Through the ups and the downs, you’ve all stuck together. What does being a Belieber mean to you?

A: A lot of Beliebers will tell you being a Belieber is a promise you make. Being a Belieber for me is a lifestyle, you live it every day. Everyday is new in this fanbase. We don’t like considering it a fanbase but a family instead. Being a Belieber for me means learning from Justin and Beliebers, too. It means having a place I can be myself, I have a place with Justin and Beliebers. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we all learn how to be strong every single day that passes by, we learn to give back, to just be who we are without feeling we are wrong for doing so. Being a Belieber means not giving up and believing you can achieve what you’re looking forward to. It means being who you are and learning not only from what Justin shows us and teaches us but from the own people in this fandom.


Wrapping up that conversation with her, I couldn’t help but think about how much these girls and boys admire and love Justin. They don’t care about the latest gossip or irrelevant people in his life. They’re here for him only. They are a family. It’s unfair that certain celebrities can make their past mistakes public for a tell all, and earn respect for that. It’s the same thing, only you are witnessing it this time, so why is it different for Justin? I believe with his family (beliebers) behind him, he’ll get back on his feet. He needs time to heal from this mess, after all, he is only human.





I would like to say thank you to Bieber Magazine (@_biebermagazine) and @ohitskidrauhl for being apart of this project. 🙂


Blanda Witch Project


I don’t know about some of you, but when I became a Jonas fan it was because of one thing, and that’s the music. I understand perfectly that people “grow up” and do different things, but in the beginning they were all so excited, driven, and aiming to succeed. I don’t see that anymore. The last few years it’s been about different projects, reality shows, and most of all, their relationships. Why?

#JB2013 or #Blanda2013

To me, it seems like Blanda is the only thing that matters right now to Joe. Did he forget he has a career, or that he should help his brother with the upcoming album? I get that people are allowed to “live their lives” but why didn’t he date her last year while he was doing nothing? Don’t tell me they weren’t friends, because they were. He met her long before he met Natashia.


Shouldn’t this be the time for him to finally reconnect with his brothers as a band? He should take the time to appreciate what he has in life. I know of many unknown bands that would kill to be in his place right now. Millions of fans adoring him, recording and being a ~rock star as a full time job. That’s something only a few can dream of and he’s actually living it daily. We have waited years for a new Jonas Brothers album. He should know how important this is to us, and mostly his brothers. I don’t want someone to give 50% of themselves to a project so they can fly off to Europe to make their girlfriend happy. I want someone to give their all to an album they’re going to share. What hurts the most? He likes to call most of us ~haters. I’m sorry, but didn’t we put you where you are today? Those people that you call “haters” are actually your fans. Remember us? Those that have supported  from the beginning, bought your albums, concert tickets, and voted like crazy for you?! It seems like you’ve forgotten everything for the 27 year old graphic designer. Maybe you can instagram a picture of her doing her job, and then you can have fond memories of the times you used to enjoy working and being determined to have a successful career. Right now, the hate towards Blanda isn’t about jealousy. It’s always a full circle and about one thing, and one thing only: MUSIC. Any girlfriend of that age should never let her boyfriend take two and a half weeks off of working so he can play around Europe and watch her WORK. She should actually care about his own career and show her support. That doesn’t mean going to random shows. It means making sure he gets his ass to work.

Is Blanda using Joe?

The answer to that question would be YES. If you haven’t noticed how completely obvious it is by now, then I suggest you make an appointment with your eye doctor asap. Please get that problem taken care of as soon as you can. Why do I think she’s using him? Here’s a few very obvious reasons.

– Separate holiday vacations. If they were dating a few months before that they could’ve planned their NYE together.

– They are spending time together after almost a month of not seeing each other. Conviently around the same time as her launch with INCASE.

– The only person who interviewed her (besides pointless NYC based blogs) would be her friend David and only asked about her relationship with Joe.



– Claimed that she “didn’t know he was famous” because they aren’t “well known in Switzerland” yet she was living in NYC and attending NYU during the time the Jonas Brothers sold out three MSG shows, shut down almost six blocks around the Virgin Mega Store, and they are mentioned in almost every TV show and movie to this date. They were extremely popular during 2008-2010. If she didn’t know by that, then she had to know from seeing him in the magazine that she posted a picture of six months ago.

– Joe retweeted and replied to someone who tweeted two days before about him being in Zurich. This person works in social media as well.



– Posting pictures of her designs and parties.

– She just started using twitter again after six months. Why? Oh right.. she has over 4,000 followers thanks to Joe.

For those of you who believe Blanda is a “normal girl” you are all wrong. Last time I checked a normal girl doesn’t have their very own release parties, or special interviews to talk about only their boyfriend of only a few months. She was never well known in Switzerland. People FROM Zurich commented the articles about her and Joe (which were all written by her friend David) “Who the hell is Blanda?” and you’re telling me she’s well known there and NYC? That’s why all the paparazzi shots were “Mystery girl” okay. I’m not going to support someone who is clearly loving every bit of the attention. Neither should should any of you. Want to know why? All of you became a fan of three boys from New Jersey – NOT some creepy ombre` haired chick from Switzerland. Maybe some of you should get your priorities straight as well. Remember who you are a fan of and why, then get back to me. Joe and most of you should realize that she’s going to be gone in less than a few months. We’re still going to be here.



Selenur & TMZ – Get Off Justin’s D



Is TMZ on Selena’s speed dial? I’m starting to wonder with all the “inside scoops” they’re receiving lately about Justin.


Justin Bieber spotted smoking weed! Jelena, are they over for good?!


God, I sure hope the second one sticks. I have had enough of Selenur’s “I’m so innocent. Why are boys so mean to me!?” attitude towards relationships. She’s already had a few bad interviews towards Nick Jonas, so why not Justin now? Of course she’s going to milk this as much as she milked the friendship with him. There’s going to be so much dairy around her that she’s going to need her very own factory. Oh, how her indirects are so obvious. Girls who do that after a break up are only looking for attention, sympathy, and aiming to make the other person look bad. She’s doing exactly that with the media. Playing games, every time. You can tell that she’s been friends with Taylor Swift for a while. I’m positive they both moisturize their burnt knees together from riding the coat-tails of others for so long. After all, it’s not like they are ever the bad guy! Like… ever!


Did Justin Bieber cheat on Selena Gomez with Barbara Palvin?


Um, no? Last time I checked, during that time period, Barbara was in a relationship with someone. Just because you take a picture with a person of the opposite sex doesn’t mean they automatically hooked up after that. Once again, Ms Gomez decided to paint someone as the bad guy, and that poor model was stuck in the middle. Maybe one day she’ll finally pick a new card from the deck, and retire the victim one. It’s boring and the same old thing blah blah blah, just like her style. I’m sure Justin was a little sad after the break up. Possibly turned on an old Michael Jackson tune, wiped his tears with an extra hundred dollar bill he can spare, and moved on. How can he stay sad for long? He’s on top of his game. Great friends, family, and his Beliebers always have his back. He will get a great laugh from the terrible auto tuned break up song that Selena will release about him. Cry me a river.


Justin is still a teenager. He’s going to make mistakes, but at least he’s learning from them. Wish I could say the same for a few other celebrities who are still pulling the same mistakes over, and over again. He’s not hanging out with someone who digs Satan, smokes ~kush, and doesn’t shower like Joe Jonas. Do we ever see that actually reported? Nope. TMZ should consider hopping off Justin’s D for a few, and report something different. It’s getting old. I bet you anything that they will be the first to report Selena’s newest romance with Josh Hutcherson when it happens. Oh, and it will. She needs someone else to feed her fame hungry desire. 







[Blind Gossip] This young star is in danger. There is a huge gap between what is publicly being reported about him, and what is really going on in his private life.

Public: He is a clean-cut guy.

Private: He parties every day, and consumes copious amounts of alcohol, c*caine, and h*roin.

Public: He dates beautiful, famous, “nice” girls. He is currently single, and is looking for a nice, clean-cut girl to settle down with.

Private: His last girlfriend was his drug dealer, and his current girlfriend is a hard-partying, older woman who is using him to promote her business.

Public: He is a healthy and well-groomed.

Private: He rarely showers or brushes his teeth because his new girlfriend has told him that it is better to be “natural”.

Public: He is a good Christian boy.

Private: He is telling friends that he now worships Satan. He is practicing “black magic” and some sort of dark religion (witchcraft?) with his new girlfriend.

Public: He had a wonderful Thanksgiving at home with his family.

Private: He told his family over Thanksgiving that he doesn’t believe in God anymore. His family completely freaked out at the news. He got into a huge fight with his father about it, and he and his girlfriend wound up hopping a plane early so that he could go home and shoot up some more heroin.


This blind item was posted last week. Everyone guessed Joe Jonas on the site – and there’s many clues that it’s pointing towards him. I didn’t want to actually believe it (making a few short jokes about it) that is until I saw something that Blanda “liked” on Instagram five weeks ago. Since finding the picture, it has been deleted by the owner of the account , but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there at one point. I felt like it was more proof that something has been going on. There are so many blind items that are solved on that site, and slowly everything was coming out.

What’s wrong with Joe’s eyes? If you’re really sick, or getting over something, then why the hell are you going to Disneyland and the movies? Especially if you’re having trouble with your eyes! Stay at home and get well. Most people care about their health first, if that’s even the case. Does he even shower? I’m really curious about this one. In the blind item, it said something about Blanda loving the ~natural odor. I’m not surprised by that, if we’re being honest here. Looks like she loves vaseline for hair gel, THAT’S how greasy her hair looks. Joe doesn’t look like he cares about his personal hygiene lately, either. I hope he gets that under control soon. Take care of your damn hair, or cut it. It’s not that hard.

Another thing that caught my attention was ” He got into a huge fight with his father about it, and he and his girlfriend wound up hopping a plane early so that he could go home and shoot up some more heroin.” why did Joe and Blanda leave the day before the rest of the family? Why not wait for them? That was another clue that pointed towards Joe. All of this is really sad. I hope he learns to shower/take better care of himself, and ditch the satan loving baggage. I wish for him to get better and get his life back on track. Without the creepy Hilary Swank Devil worshipping “girl” following behind him. Let’s hope she doesn’t get him into the same group of illuminati freaks she’s involved with. This lady has trouble written all over her. I’m waiting for the day he wears all black just like her..


Joe followed the same Instagram that posted “Satan 4 Ever” five weeks ago. Randy (the guy) was also at Disneyland and continues to post satan like things. I’m sure some of you will claim that it’s some type of “art” or that he’s possibly joking. I don’t find that artistic or funny at all. Do you think Mr Jonas would think it’s funny at all? Nope. I think he raised his kids with strong morals, preaching the bible in one hand, and a travel sized bottle of Holy Water in the other. It’s not his fault Joe decided to surround himself with a gang of Devil worshipping crazies.




Opinions are like noses.. We all have one.

You just can’t express it without someone calling you a hater/or judging that person. I think some people misunderstood what I meant. I get it that the Jonas Brothers don’t have to work 24/7, but it seems like recording and getting their music out there is on the back burner. I don’t get why they went to NYC after the Asia tour? They should have been in LA finishing the album, and preparing for a single release. One Direction is releasing a SECOND single, and they haven’t even figured out which song they want to release. I know that One Direction doesn’t write their own songs, but they’re also working their asses off every single day to make sure that new single is released, voted for, and anything to put their band on top. I remember when Jonas was actually like that. Can’t say that anymore, which is sad.

As a fan, I want to hear new music. We were told in January that we would possibly get a new album by the end of the year. After them doing, basically nothing this year as a group, we only have three songs. If you only have three songs you can perform after almost a year of “working” then what are you accomplishing? They used to throw new songs out there like it was nothing. Fans are slowly losing interest in the new music like last time. Don’t give the line “If you lose interest, then leave! We don’t need you” because to be honest, you do. Everyone needs many fans for an album to succeed and blow up the charts.

I’m not sure if it’s because they don’t have a record label or a solid management team to push them where they need to be… but they need to remember that work should come first during this time. They’ve had three years to live, do what they want, and side/solo projects. It’s time to reunite the Jonas Brothers as a band and prove them wrong. They’re not giving them any other reason to think differently. A few shows here and their claiming “ONE NIGHT ONLY” isn’t going to get the job done. Paparazzi shots and made up publicity stories isn’t going to get an album out there. If that was the case, then I’m sure Steve-O from Jackass and the whole Kardashian family, would have a number one album.

I am not a perfect fan. Sometimes I don’t support the choices they make and people they choose to surround themselves with, but I do care about them as a band. I want them to succeed in the business once again. I just wish they would realize that you don’t get so many chances when it comes to things like this.

Guess who’s back?

I’d say tell a friend, but I’m sure a few that have been waiting for this blog will get the news around Via Twitter. How’s everyone doing? I’ve been pretty busy. Living life, getting by, enjoying all that the world offers.

I bought tickets to the upcoming Jonas Brothers show in NYC at Radio City! I’m ready to see a few interesting East Coast characters. I’m sure the same people will win meet and greets + see the boys outside their hotel, apartments, or random Starbucks sessions, etc etc… This show I’m not going to meet the guys, and I’m fine with that. I’m grateful for a chance to see them reunite as a band and play a few songs. Even if I wasn’t going to the show in person, I would give the $10 to see them on the VYRT program. As much as I don’t agree with their personal choices sometimes, they are still one of my favorite bands. I hope the rat pack gives OTHER fans a chance to meet them. Everyone should experience that once in their life, I think. Don’t be selfish. I also don’t agree with a NYC fan that has four accounts (and was thinking about getting another account) just so he can win a M&G. Yes, it’s a boy. His name is Brian and he claims to be “straight” but I don’t see a straight guy chasing the Jonas Brothers dick that much if he didn’t want the P. Team Jonas really needs to get their act together. You’re showing exactly who your favorites are, and it’s getting out of hand.

Then we have Xtina, the 26 year old bipolar bitch. One day she loves the Jonas Brothers, and the next she doesn’t want to hear about them at all. Her line? “I WILL RUIN YOU” okay, hun, you’re not Regina George. Stop pretending like you’re actually someone important. The only thing you can “ruin” would be a burrito from Taco Bell. If you hate everything they do, then sell your ticket, and give that chance to someone who actually deserves it. And chasing after the other underage boys will not get you far in life. It’s time to think about your future since you’re pushing it 30. Hope to see everyone at the show!

As for those who thought they were going to get a blog? None of Gretchen Weiners 😉


Say hello to the Golden Girls!

Age is just a number; that’s correct. I believe you can be a Jonas fan at any age, but when you start acting like a little cyber bully, and making up crap as you go – it’s time to act your age, and not your shoe size. I’m talking about Sam/Gina here. I bet you’re wondering why she has two names. Well, that’s because she can’t decide which name she likes best when she’s posing as a 24-year old woman. When in fact, she’s actually 40-years old, and a mother to a 13 year old kid. Yes, that’s right. She spends her days (most likely, on her couch) stalking Joe Jonas’ every move on Twitter. Then she enjoys making up harsh (and fake) stories about Demi Lovato. This delusional case is so bad that she not only has ONE, but TWO Team Jonas accounts, and countless Twitter pages. Why does she have this? Because she’s crazy. She claims to have all the inside deets to the Jonas family, and Demi’s lives. Question: Why would a 40-year old woman have information about this? Oh right, she wouldn’t. I would love to know what her 13 year old child thinks of her behavior. She is one sad piece of ginger craziness. Psycho need a straight jacket? I think so.

Don’t forget about, Mimi! The fabulous owner of @JoeJonasMusicFR. While she spends countless hours searching Joe’s name on Twitter as well, she also enjoys searching for haters/people that disagree with her terrible opinion, and bullying them into agreeing with her. She’s an old, pathetic, and overdramatic cyber bully. I’m sure she likes to go after the young because it makes her feel powerful (possibly because she’s their mothers age). What would she do if someone was treating her children like that? She should think about that before she opens her mouth next time. Her snarky and rude remarks to children can actually hurt their feelings, and as a mother, she should understand and know how that feels. She’s a judgmental cold hearted bitch, with bad hair and an ugly face/attitude to match.

A big fan of mine that I will always remember! Hi, Shaunae! Another delusional fan that believes everything the ginger says. It’s a sad picture, if you ask me. I don’t believe it’s a girl, though. I think she’s actually a pro-football player in disguise. Way too manly to be a girl; it’s quite scary. Also one of the biggest hypocrites you’ll ever find on Twitter, that’s a fact. She enjoys putting down Nick (Yes, Joe’s own flesh and blood.) because he gets more attention from the public. It’s okay for her to dislike or hate anyone, but when it comes to Natashia Ho, that’s a big no-no to this bitch. My advice for you, Shaun? Get yourself a brain, and shut the hell up. Move it, football head!

Here’s the deal. Joe never unfollowed Ho from IG. So while Sam/Gina believes he unfollowed her to “protect” their relationship and her from fans – it never happened. It’s a small glitch in the app. They’re not going to show everyone he follows. So he’s not checking up on her pictures, okay. Why would he? They’re not dating. I’m sorry to bust a few old bubbles, but that’s the truth. Put two and two together, and figure that out as soon as you can. Sam doesn’t know anything! She doesn’t have an insider to the Jonas family, and everything that comes out of her mouth is a big fat red lie. By the way, I have nothing against older fans. Just annoyed by these older women starting drama that should be worried more about their own children, rather than giving the excuse “Mommy can’t talk right now! I’m too busy protecting Natashia Ho. Make your own dinner, hun.”

Stay Golden,