The Double Standards of Hollywood.





Back in the day, Hollywood used to be this glamorous and respected place for talented people. They never used to focus on their personal lives, and more on the talent they brought to the table. There weren’t so many “huge” celebrities back then, because they signed and shed light on those who had talent, unlike Hollywood today. These days anyone can become famous and walk the carpet. There are so many people who are worshipped for pointless things (sex tapes, reality shows, who they’re dating…) and E! has made that possible for these talentless people.

Yes gossip articles did exist back in the day, but they were nothing like they are now. they didn’t exist to take people down, tear them apart, and bring them to the brink of breaking down. Lately I’ve watched them treat Justin Bieber this way. I know the excuse that he’s a teenager, and teenagers make mistakes is overused, except it’s true. Teenagers do make mistakes. I’m sure plenty of you have made the similar mistakes at some point, but it’s pushed under the rug and forgotten because it’s not plastered all over the news for you, but for him it is. He’s haunted by this. In the media today, if you have talent then you are going to get bashed. If you’re known for a reality show, or you are basically given your fame by the people you hang out with, then you’re worshipped. How is that okay?

Recently I had the chance to ask a few questions to a good friend of mine, who is in fact a Belieber herself. I was curious how she felt about the drama that is surrounding her favorite celebrity these days. 


Q: When news broke about Justin’s arrest, what was your first thought? How did you feel?

A: Well, It’s always shocking when you get hit by such rough news like that, specially when you wake up to them in the morning by someone else. I just felt like someone had just thrown a glass of cold water right in front of my face, I just went kind of nuts because I knew absolutely nothing about it at first, It was just rough. The whole thing was hard to put together and deal with as a fan and a Belieber.

Q: TMZ has taken a lot of stories and over dramatized the situation. Some fans believed them right away, and many believed in Justin. What do you have to say to those fans that turned on Justin because of toxic gossip?

A: I think there are always going to be fans who turn on Justin due to toxic gossip. Media is an expert when it comes to brainwashing people. It’s hard to tell when something is real or not because you are not there to say what’s true or not, you just guide by news being reported online. Sometimes it’s not our best option but it’s what we got, sometimes you have to sit down and remind yourself it should be confirmed by some reliable source to be trusted but you know, not all people keep that in mind so it’s logical people turn on him often.

Q: If you could say one thing or more to Justin about the drama, hate, or life in general what would it be?

A: If I had the chance to talk to Justin about the drama and hate or life in general I’d tell him, first of all, to keep his head up because he is 19/20 years old and he’s going to make mistakes and hopefully, learn from them but what makes him different is the pressure he has on his shoulders so I’d as well tell him to try to deal with it the best he can. I’d take the chance to tell him he’s getting better and improving in this business and that media is obviously expecting a reaction from him so he should never give them the satisfaction of getting what they want. Music is his therapy then he should take the opportunity to speak through it creating something new and unique with HIS side of the story and his feelings about what he’s been going through lately. I’d tell him to watch his back because when you’re so big and you’re in the position he is, a lot of things get blurry and you’re not always capable of realizing who surrounds you. Justin’s a great artist and a great person with a big heart but my main advice for him would be: Waych your back and keep it up.

Q: After this blows over, and Justin takes a full break, do you think he’ll want to come back to music or continue a normal life?

A: Well.. Justin has always said he had given up his privacy and all of a normal life contains to be the greatest he can be, I think pressure lies and rumors come with fame bsides the success, promotion and satisfying experiences you can get from it, so I believe Justin must have sat down and told himself ”I want a normal life again.” but he knows that if he could take his normal life back he wouldn’t because as much of a nightmare his new life has turned out to be, this is his life now and a lot of things came along with it besides the negavitity. He has his Beliebers, he has earned friends and close talented people he’s been and is working on his music now…Anyone in his position would love to get a normal life again but at the end of the day he is aware he’s achieved a lot on his own and he’s gotta learn to deal with all the negavitivy and crap coming along with it. It’s not going to fade because he wants to but he has a gift between his fingers.. He is able to convert hate and negavitivy into art and that says alot about the choice he is making at the moment.

Q: You come from such a strong fandom. Through the ups and the downs, you’ve all stuck together. What does being a Belieber mean to you?

A: A lot of Beliebers will tell you being a Belieber is a promise you make. Being a Belieber for me is a lifestyle, you live it every day. Everyday is new in this fanbase. We don’t like considering it a fanbase but a family instead. Being a Belieber for me means learning from Justin and Beliebers, too. It means having a place I can be myself, I have a place with Justin and Beliebers. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we all learn how to be strong every single day that passes by, we learn to give back, to just be who we are without feeling we are wrong for doing so. Being a Belieber means not giving up and believing you can achieve what you’re looking forward to. It means being who you are and learning not only from what Justin shows us and teaches us but from the own people in this fandom.


Wrapping up that conversation with her, I couldn’t help but think about how much these girls and boys admire and love Justin. They don’t care about the latest gossip or irrelevant people in his life. They’re here for him only. They are a family. It’s unfair that certain celebrities can make their past mistakes public for a tell all, and earn respect for that. It’s the same thing, only you are witnessing it this time, so why is it different for Justin? I believe with his family (beliebers) behind him, he’ll get back on his feet. He needs time to heal from this mess, after all, he is only human.





I would like to say thank you to Bieber Magazine (@_biebermagazine) and @ohitskidrauhl for being apart of this project. 🙂


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