Blanda Witch Project


I don’t know about some of you, but when I became a Jonas fan it was because of one thing, and that’s the music. I understand perfectly that people “grow up” and do different things, but in the beginning they were all so excited, driven, and aiming to succeed. I don’t see that anymore. The last few years it’s been about different projects, reality shows, and most of all, their relationships. Why?

#JB2013 or #Blanda2013

To me, it seems like Blanda is the only thing that matters right now to Joe. Did he forget he has a career, or that he should help his brother with the upcoming album? I get that people are allowed to “live their lives” but why didn’t he date her last year while he was doing nothing? Don’t tell me they weren’t friends, because they were. He met her long before he met Natashia.


Shouldn’t this be the time for him to finally reconnect with his brothers as a band? He should take the time to appreciate what he has in life. I know of many unknown bands that would kill to be in his place right now. Millions of fans adoring him, recording and being a ~rock star as a full time job. That’s something only a few can dream of and he’s actually living it daily. We have waited years for a new Jonas Brothers album. He should know how important this is to us, and mostly his brothers. I don’t want someone to give 50% of themselves to a project so they can fly off to Europe to make their girlfriend happy. I want someone to give their all to an album they’re going to share. What hurts the most? He likes to call most of us ~haters. I’m sorry, but didn’t we put you where you are today? Those people that you call “haters” are actually your fans. Remember us? Those that have supported  from the beginning, bought your albums, concert tickets, and voted like crazy for you?! It seems like you’ve forgotten everything for the 27 year old graphic designer. Maybe you can instagram a picture of her doing her job, and then you can have fond memories of the times you used to enjoy working and being determined to have a successful career. Right now, the hate towards Blanda isn’t about jealousy. It’s always a full circle and about one thing, and one thing only: MUSIC. Any girlfriend of that age should never let her boyfriend take two and a half weeks off of working so he can play around Europe and watch her WORK. She should actually care about his own career and show her support. That doesn’t mean going to random shows. It means making sure he gets his ass to work.

Is Blanda using Joe?

The answer to that question would be YES. If you haven’t noticed how completely obvious it is by now, then I suggest you make an appointment with your eye doctor asap. Please get that problem taken care of as soon as you can. Why do I think she’s using him? Here’s a few very obvious reasons.

– Separate holiday vacations. If they were dating a few months before that they could’ve planned their NYE together.

– They are spending time together after almost a month of not seeing each other. Conviently around the same time as her launch with INCASE.

– The only person who interviewed her (besides pointless NYC based blogs) would be her friend David and only asked about her relationship with Joe.



– Claimed that she “didn’t know he was famous” because they aren’t “well known in Switzerland” yet she was living in NYC and attending NYU during the time the Jonas Brothers sold out three MSG shows, shut down almost six blocks around the Virgin Mega Store, and they are mentioned in almost every TV show and movie to this date. They were extremely popular during 2008-2010. If she didn’t know by that, then she had to know from seeing him in the magazine that she posted a picture of six months ago.

– Joe retweeted and replied to someone who tweeted two days before about him being in Zurich. This person works in social media as well.



– Posting pictures of her designs and parties.

– She just started using twitter again after six months. Why? Oh right.. she has over 4,000 followers thanks to Joe.

For those of you who believe Blanda is a “normal girl” you are all wrong. Last time I checked a normal girl doesn’t have their very own release parties, or special interviews to talk about only their boyfriend of only a few months. She was never well known in Switzerland. People FROM Zurich commented the articles about her and Joe (which were all written by her friend David) “Who the hell is Blanda?” and you’re telling me she’s well known there and NYC? That’s why all the paparazzi shots were “Mystery girl” okay. I’m not going to support someone who is clearly loving every bit of the attention. Neither should should any of you. Want to know why? All of you became a fan of three boys from New Jersey – NOT some creepy ombre` haired chick from Switzerland. Maybe some of you should get your priorities straight as well. Remember who you are a fan of and why, then get back to me. Joe and most of you should realize that she’s going to be gone in less than a few months. We’re still going to be here.




12 thoughts on “Blanda Witch Project

    • the paparazzi shots everyvere of the united states not only in california in florida and new york and others places of in u.s.a

      • Uh yeah but the “couple” ones were only in la not nyc so that’s all I’m saying. (around the same time as their Pantages show(s) wonder why .. most attention (paparazzi) i guess .. :P.

    I’m sooo glad I stumbled onto this website.
    On Twitter, everyone I follow is WORSHIPPING that bitch’s ass.
    I thought I was the only “fan” who felt this way.

  2. Do you saw the pics of her party last week? her best friend was doing drugs that night. (she was the Dj, Joe published a pic of her) Nadeeya was smoking weed. Blanda and all her friends smoke weed and even some of them does cocaine and heroin. Go saw the pics of them

    Joe looks sick, tired, like a hardcore partier and drug addict… just like her new friends (blanda’s bffs)

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