Selenur & TMZ – Get Off Justin’s D



Is TMZ on Selena’s speed dial? I’m starting to wonder with all the “inside scoops” they’re receiving lately about Justin.


Justin Bieber spotted smoking weed! Jelena, are they over for good?!


God, I sure hope the second one sticks. I have had enough of Selenur’s “I’m so innocent. Why are boys so mean to me!?” attitude towards relationships. She’s already had a few bad interviews towards Nick Jonas, so why not Justin now? Of course she’s going to milk this as much as she milked the friendship with him. There’s going to be so much dairy around her that she’s going to need her very own factory. Oh, how her indirects are so obvious. Girls who do that after a break up are only looking for attention, sympathy, and aiming to make the other person look bad. She’s doing exactly that with the media. Playing games, every time. You can tell that she’s been friends with Taylor Swift for a while. I’m positive they both moisturize their burnt knees together from riding the coat-tails of others for so long. After all, it’s not like they are ever the bad guy! Like… ever!


Did Justin Bieber cheat on Selena Gomez with Barbara Palvin?


Um, no? Last time I checked, during that time period, Barbara was in a relationship with someone. Just because you take a picture with a person of the opposite sex doesn’t mean they automatically hooked up after that. Once again, Ms Gomez decided to paint someone as the bad guy, and that poor model was stuck in the middle. Maybe one day she’ll finally pick a new card from the deck, and retire the victim one. It’s boring and the same old thing blah blah blah, just like her style. I’m sure Justin was a little sad after the break up. Possibly turned on an old Michael Jackson tune, wiped his tears with an extra hundred dollar bill he can spare, and moved on. How can he stay sad for long? He’s on top of his game. Great friends, family, and his Beliebers always have his back. He will get a great laugh from the terrible auto tuned break up song that Selena will release about him. Cry me a river.


Justin is still a teenager. He’s going to make mistakes, but at least he’s learning from them. Wish I could say the same for a few other celebrities who are still pulling the same mistakes over, and over again. He’s not hanging out with someone who digs Satan, smokes ~kush, and doesn’t shower like Joe Jonas. Do we ever see that actually reported? Nope. TMZ should consider hopping off Justin’s D for a few, and report something different. It’s getting old. I bet you anything that they will be the first to report Selena’s newest romance with Josh Hutcherson when it happens. Oh, and it will. She needs someone else to feed her fame hungry desire. 






2 thoughts on “Selenur & TMZ – Get Off Justin’s D

  1. I really really liked everything you said. It looks like you actually did research before posting this, not like TMZ who didn’t. As a fan, I don’t hate Selena in fact i respect her but when it comes to “Jelena” i think shes really trying to play the victim as we, the fans, can’t see it. Justin is one of the celebrities that has a close relationship with his fans, is like we know him (even though we don’t know his personality in real life). But Selena, come on, just because there are a bunch of teenagers in the fanbase doesn’t mean we are all stupid, right? Lastnight she was talking to Barbara Palvin at the GG afterparty.. i wonder if she was trying to apologize, even if she was trying to, i think is too late.
    Btw, i liked your blog

  2. Here’s the story. Barbara explained why she went to the Lion King Show with Justin.
    Barbara was with her sister and she loved to go to the show, but it was sold out.
    Barbs told Justin that they badly wanted to see the show, so Justin came with other 6 people and got tickets for them. Maybe after that they kinda hung out (the pic Selena tweeted with the caption ”’….”””
    So instead of playing the victim, Selena could’ve easily contacted Justin and hear the story in HIS point of view or talk with Barbara.
    Bringing your relationship on twitter is very immature. I’m sure there was this thing called texting/calling/meeting up. But no, she wanted to make him look like the bad guy.
    But oh wait, wasn’t she the one who said she didn’t want people to know her as ”Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend” but for her work? Congrats, you’re now known as Justin Bieber Ex gf.

    Just because Justin is one of the most famous celebrities, the media is only posting negative articles. (Same happened with Michael Jackson etc etc). If this was other celebs, no one would even care.

    Everyone is blaming the ex boyfriend. It’s not because it’s Justin. The girl will always be the victim, no matter how hard you try to convince them.
    Wait when her album comes out and she sings about the most obvious things in relationships and people will think its about Justin.

    Anyways, dragging Justin’s name isn’t going to make your career go succesfull. Or is it? Ha.

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