[Blind Gossip] This young star is in danger. There is a huge gap between what is publicly being reported about him, and what is really going on in his private life.

Public: He is a clean-cut guy.

Private: He parties every day, and consumes copious amounts of alcohol, c*caine, and h*roin.

Public: He dates beautiful, famous, “nice” girls. He is currently single, and is looking for a nice, clean-cut girl to settle down with.

Private: His last girlfriend was his drug dealer, and his current girlfriend is a hard-partying, older woman who is using him to promote her business.

Public: He is a healthy and well-groomed.

Private: He rarely showers or brushes his teeth because his new girlfriend has told him that it is better to be “natural”.

Public: He is a good Christian boy.

Private: He is telling friends that he now worships Satan. He is practicing “black magic” and some sort of dark religion (witchcraft?) with his new girlfriend.

Public: He had a wonderful Thanksgiving at home with his family.

Private: He told his family over Thanksgiving that he doesn’t believe in God anymore. His family completely freaked out at the news. He got into a huge fight with his father about it, and he and his girlfriend wound up hopping a plane early so that he could go home and shoot up some more heroin.


This blind item was posted last week. Everyone guessed Joe Jonas on the site – and there’s many clues that it’s pointing towards him. I didn’t want to actually believe it (making a few short jokes about it) that is until I saw something that Blanda “liked” on Instagram five weeks ago. Since finding the picture, it has been deleted by the owner of the account , but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there at one point. I felt like it was more proof that something has been going on. There are so many blind items that are solved on that site, and slowly everything was coming out.

What’s wrong with Joe’s eyes? If you’re really sick, or getting over something, then why the hell are you going to Disneyland and the movies? Especially if you’re having trouble with your eyes! Stay at home and get well. Most people care about their health first, if that’s even the case. Does he even shower? I’m really curious about this one. In the blind item, it said something about Blanda loving the ~natural odor. I’m not surprised by that, if we’re being honest here. Looks like she loves vaseline for hair gel, THAT’S how greasy her hair looks. Joe doesn’t look like he cares about his personal hygiene lately, either. I hope he gets that under control soon. Take care of your damn hair, or cut it. It’s not that hard.

Another thing that caught my attention was ” He got into a huge fight with his father about it, and he and his girlfriend wound up hopping a plane early so that he could go home and shoot up some more heroin.” why did Joe and Blanda leave the day before the rest of the family? Why not wait for them? That was another clue that pointed towards Joe. All of this is really sad. I hope he learns to shower/take better care of himself, and ditch the satan loving baggage. I wish for him to get better and get his life back on track. Without the creepy Hilary Swank Devil worshipping “girl” following behind him. Let’s hope she doesn’t get him into the same group of illuminati freaks she’s involved with. This lady has trouble written all over her. I’m waiting for the day he wears all black just like her..


Joe followed the same Instagram that posted “Satan 4 Ever” five weeks ago. Randy (the guy) was also at Disneyland and continues to post satan like things. I’m sure some of you will claim that it’s some type of “art” or that he’s possibly joking. I don’t find that artistic or funny at all. Do you think Mr Jonas would think it’s funny at all? Nope. I think he raised his kids with strong morals, preaching the bible in one hand, and a travel sized bottle of Holy Water in the other. It’s not his fault Joe decided to surround himself with a gang of Devil worshipping crazies.





One thought on “SATAN 4 EVER

  1. Just one comment. Joe threw up. He wasn’t “sick”, he “got sick”. He popped blood vessels in his eyes from throwing up.

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