Guess who’s back?

I’d say tell a friend, but I’m sure a few that have been waiting for this blog will get the news around Via Twitter. How’s everyone doing? I’ve been pretty busy. Living life, getting by, enjoying all that the world offers.

I bought tickets to the upcoming Jonas Brothers show in NYC at Radio City! I’m ready to see a few interesting East Coast characters. I’m sure the same people will win meet and greets + see the boys outside their hotel, apartments, or random Starbucks sessions, etc etc… This show I’m not going to meet the guys, and I’m fine with that. I’m grateful for a chance to see them reunite as a band and play a few songs. Even if I wasn’t going to the show in person, I would give the $10 to see them on the VYRT program. As much as I don’t agree with their personal choices sometimes, they are still one of my favorite bands. I hope the rat pack gives OTHER fans a chance to meet them. Everyone should experience that once in their life, I think. Don’t be selfish. I also don’t agree with a NYC fan that has four accounts (and was thinking about getting another account) just so he can win a M&G. Yes, it’s a boy. His name is Brian and he claims to be “straight” but I don’t see a straight guy chasing the Jonas Brothers dick that much if he didn’t want the P. Team Jonas really needs to get their act together. You’re showing exactly who your favorites are, and it’s getting out of hand.

Then we have Xtina, the 26 year old bipolar bitch. One day she loves the Jonas Brothers, and the next she doesn’t want to hear about them at all. Her line? “I WILL RUIN YOU” okay, hun, you’re not Regina George. Stop pretending like you’re actually someone important. The only thing you can “ruin” would be a burrito from Taco Bell. If you hate everything they do, then sell your ticket, and give that chance to someone who actually deserves it. And chasing after the other underage boys will not get you far in life. It’s time to think about your future since you’re pushing it 30. Hope to see everyone at the show!

As for those who thought they were going to get a blog? None of Gretchen Weiners 😉



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