Say hello to the Golden Girls!

Age is just a number; that’s correct. I believe you can be a Jonas fan at any age, but when you start acting like a little cyber bully, and making up crap as you go – it’s time to act your age, and not your shoe size. I’m talking about Sam/Gina here. I bet you’re wondering why she has two names. Well, that’s because she can’t decide which name she likes best when she’s posing as a 24-year old woman. When in fact, she’s actually 40-years old, and a mother to a 13 year old kid. Yes, that’s right. She spends her days (most likely, on her couch) stalking Joe Jonas’ every move on Twitter. Then she enjoys making up harsh (and fake) stories about Demi Lovato. This delusional case is so bad that she not only has ONE, but TWO Team Jonas accounts, and countless Twitter pages. Why does she have this? Because she’s crazy. She claims to have all the inside deets to the Jonas family, and Demi’s lives. Question: Why would a 40-year old woman have information about this? Oh right, she wouldn’t. I would love to know what her 13 year old child thinks of her behavior. She is one sad piece of ginger craziness. Psycho need a straight jacket? I think so.

Don’t forget about, Mimi! The fabulous owner of @JoeJonasMusicFR. While she spends countless hours searching Joe’s name on Twitter as well, she also enjoys searching for haters/people that disagree with her terrible opinion, and bullying them into agreeing with her. She’s an old, pathetic, and overdramatic cyber bully. I’m sure she likes to go after the young because it makes her feel powerful (possibly because she’s their mothers age). What would she do if someone was treating her children like that? She should think about that before she opens her mouth next time. Her snarky and rude remarks to children can actually hurt their feelings, and as a mother, she should understand and know how that feels. She’s a judgmental cold hearted bitch, with bad hair and an ugly face/attitude to match.

A big fan of mine that I will always remember! Hi, Shaunae! Another delusional fan that believes everything the ginger says. It’s a sad picture, if you ask me. I don’t believe it’s a girl, though. I think she’s actually a pro-football player in disguise. Way too manly to be a girl; it’s quite scary. Also one of the biggest hypocrites you’ll ever find on Twitter, that’s a fact. She enjoys putting down Nick (Yes, Joe’s own flesh and blood.) because he gets more attention from the public. It’s okay for her to dislike or hate anyone, but when it comes to Natashia Ho, that’s a big no-no to this bitch. My advice for you, Shaun? Get yourself a brain, and shut the hell up. Move it, football head!

Here’s the deal. Joe never unfollowed Ho from IG. So while Sam/Gina believes he unfollowed her to “protect” their relationship and her from fans – it never happened. It’s a small glitch in the app. They’re not going to show everyone he follows. So he’s not checking up on her pictures, okay. Why would he? They’re not dating. I’m sorry to bust a few old bubbles, but that’s the truth. Put two and two together, and figure that out as soon as you can. Sam doesn’t know anything! She doesn’t have an insider to the Jonas family, and everything that comes out of her mouth is a big fat red lie. By the way, I have nothing against older fans. Just annoyed by these older women starting drama that should be worried more about their own children, rather than giving the excuse “Mommy can’t talk right now! I’m too busy protecting Natashia Ho. Make your own dinner, hun.”

Stay Golden,



7 thoughts on “Say hello to the Golden Girls!

  1. I agree with it all except the Joe natashia thing on ig. He just recently liked a new pic she posted so he must at least look at them

    • Point being is, he also follows Camilla Belle. Does that mean they are dating? No! Natashia is fucking some black guy named Jemain and she has been for awhile. She could careless about Joe. She got what she wanted, made him look like an idiot and kicked him to the curb, End of story.

  2. Hey you left out the part about Sams son tweeting her before and her lying saying it was a pesky relative. Also the fact she claimed Joe and Ashley broke up because she cheated on him with Jackson Rathbone. When in fact Jackson has had a long time girlfriend for a while with whom he just had a baby. She lies so much I wonder if her asshole is jealous of the shit that comes out of her mouth. Sam/Gina the gig is up we all know about you now.

  3. Good blog!! And to @Sienna…he still sees her pics cause he still following her. You would have to look at his instagram on the web vs the phone app.

  4. LOL I have to agree about Samantha being a new level of delusional. She posts on Blind Gossip under the name RangerOne, by the way, and tried multiple times to tip in her made up ~deets. Pathetic.

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