You’re a fake fan. Now stop buying those albums!

I’m not going to say the trending topic was mature – but it was definitely worth a laugh or two. Very true, too. Fans should be allowed to speak up and express their feelings. Doesn’t mean they’re not supporting, or hating. True fans purchase albums and tickets for their shows. For those of you that were trying to trend “We Support Joe” where were you when his album sells were less than 20K? You were obviously not supporting. Most of you “fans” only show up when there’s drama that you don’t quite agree with. I remember some of you even called BS on ~Nelta being a rebound for the Australian herself. I’m sure you felt stupid once she proved you all wrong in a magazine interview for Vogue. Yet you don’t seem to listen to the “haters” because deep down you don’t want to admit that some of us are completely right. People don’t “hate” because they’re jealous sometimes. They dislike a person because they can see straight through someone’s act or fake personality. Maybe you should learn the difference between love, lust, and rebound. You’re all especially old enough to know.

Another thing about this fandom that I really dislike would be that nobody is allowed to express their opinion. You get in return “you are a fake fan” what exactly is a fake fan? I’m baffled by this expression. Does it mean you download the albums without purchasing them? That’s all that should really matter in the fan department. If someone is your idol, and you look up to them as a person, if something happens you’re going to express how disappointed you are. Why don’t you deal with that? Sometimes you don’t have to support a relationship. I certainly didn’t support Katie (Kate) Holmes decision to marry that dwarf Tom Cruise. Look how things ended up! Single and divorced now. People have opinions about things. It’s their accounts. Let them say what they want, and if you don’t like it, then look away.




One thought on “You’re a fake fan. Now stop buying those albums!

  1. People please is time to get the best nickname for that trash, drugs addict and filthy slut “Ho” because i’m so tired of see her fucking name in my timeline on twitter and even in the TT’s (sucks). If we write her name, she wins, gets more fame and attention and that’s what Ho want.

    We need URGENT a nickname like TRASHLEY, that was a hit in their moment (even some fans still call her with her nickname haha)

    C’mon, use your imagination, so we can all call her as deserves this disgusting bitch…. examples: mmm Trashia, TrasHo, TrollHo,…. i don’t know

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