Suspended Twitters, Guinea pigs, and Derick! Oh my!

My twitter was suspended this morning. I have to say – I was a little angry towards Taylor and her gang of twitter friends for attacking my block button. While I’m flattered that she’s devoting all of her attention to me, it was still very wrong. I understand that you have a slight intense obsession with me, and you were probably jealous that your boyfriend was replying to me. You didn’t like my replies, did you? I get it. Nobody puts baby in the corner. Even though it was still very wrong, I forgive you! I could never stay mad at some of my biggest fans! How could I? You practically dedicate your life to me now. Thankfully you don’t know where I live, or else I’d probably have Taylor or Kayla camping outside for me to walk out and say hi.

Then we have my little buddy, David. You’re in London bro! Why are you so wrapped up in  who replies to me? You’re also a bit of a liar. I’ve figured this out by your far fetch stories. Remember when you said you saw Joe with Jessica Potts in Feb? Same. Remember when you said you saw Joe and Natashia walking around in London, but they were on a train? Same. You’ll do anything for attention so there’s no reason to claim that it upsets you. K, Tommy Boy?

Another honor is definitely Derick Henry fighting with me over Twitter – AFTER blocking me! It was a one way fight. He can’t see what I have to say, but I can see his lame come backs? He didn’t “sit me in my place” he just showed how unprofessional he truly is. It was actually awkward. Especially when he’s the same age as my own father. How weird is that? He’s too busy fighting over a social network with people the same age as his own children. If a small twitter account can get under his skin that much, then I must be telling the truth? He can dish it out, but he can’t take it. Especially when it comes to people calling him out on his own issues. I certainly hope Mr Jonas knows what his own employees are doing in their spare time. Attacking those that pay their bills on Twitter, and talking about his sons private life. How sad.

When it comes to Natashia Ho my opinion is/will never change. I can’t help it that she made it easy for us to figure out she’s a whore. That girl has absolutely no respect for herself, so why would I? Last time I checked when people post pictures of their carpet burned knees, they deserve to be called out for that. Once you’re labeled something, you’re always going to be that. Your past will always catch up with you no matter what. Especially when it comes to the internet. This girl is dying for positive attention, but with her attitude/reputation she will never receive that. I just hope Joe knows what he’s getting himself into. You are who you surround yourself with, and that “girl” is nothing but trouble in the making. Instead of buying her plane tickets/train seats he should think about setting up a botox appointment. Maybe they can take care of that butt chin she’s got going on.

As for those that replied to me on Twitter believing I wasn’t going to get it back. That’s funny. I’ve got a little news for you: BITCH CAN SEE, and I’m here to stay.




4 thoughts on “Suspended Twitters, Guinea pigs, and Derick! Oh my!

  1. hey, i saw the he wrote something else to you on twitter, what was that about. I couldn’t see what you wrote to him because your account is private.

  2. People please is time to get the best nickname for that trash, drugs addict and filthy slut “Ho” because i’m so tired of see her fucking name in my timeline on twitter and even in the TT’s (sucks). If we write her name, she wins, gets more fame and attention and that’s what Ho want.

    We need URGENT a nickname like TRASHLEY, that was a hit in their moment (even some fans still call her with her nickname haha)

    C’mon, use your imagination, so we can all call her as deserves this disgusting bitch…. examples: mmm Trashia, TrasHo, TrollHo,…. i don’t know

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