Derick Henry strikes again..

Since when did Derick get promoted to M&G handler? He might as well get paid for that too. Since, you know, every event or show he picks his favorites who gets to meet Joe. Every single time. I think it’s unfair to fans that have never met Joe before, really. He continues to basically award those that camp outside, stalk them, and don’t really deserve to meet him again after the 20th time this week of meeting him. I’ve read where some fans didn’t get a chance to meet him almost every show, but the same people see him every time. All because of Derick Henry. This guy is totally unprofessional. I’ve never seen anything like it! Have you ever heard of a body guard that goes clubbing with their client? I haven’t. Anytime that I see someone who is paid to PROTECT another, they’re not clubbing or going on vacations. I know rumors are just rumors, but I’ve seen Derick blow up on fans on twitter. How many times has this same problem happened? Countless. You would be surprised how many fan experiences this man ruins because he likes the power above them. Last time I checked Joe was the celebrity, and he’s just the body guard. Unless someone is physically attacking him, then Derick should learn his job properly.

I’ve met Joe once or twice. I’m not really jealous of the stalker fans. I think after once or twice it’s time that you give someone else to experience a meeting with a celebrity you like, or think highly about. He’s going to be the same person every time. What’s the point of seeing him every day? News flash, you’re not going to date or marry him. You’re a fan. Learn to stay in your place.

Yours truly,


P.S. This is a blog. Not a gossip site. I express my opinions on celebrities and others.
And “Mamba”, I know you’re reading this… but enough with the wolf pack crap. Hanging out with guys who are young enough to be your sons won’t make you 20 years old again.


5 thoughts on “Derick Henry strikes again..

  1. who do you think you are sitting here shitting on Dericks life. how do you know that he’s not payed to go to the clubs on on vacation with joe. thats PART OF HIS JOB. and if he wants to have a few drinks while he’s doing it, so be it. honestly if it doesn’t bother joe, which it doesn’t otherwise derick wouldn’t be his body guard anymore, it shouldn’t bother you. so shut your mouth and get over yourself.

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