Oceanup should shut up, or wave out.

According to Oceanup, if you’re spotted or photographed with someone, then you’re automatically dating that person. You know how Nick Jonas digs the older ladies? Well, let’s say this, what if he’s spotted with his grandmother or a great aunt? Once they’re photographed we all know they’ll post the pictures with a dumb title such as, “Nick Jonas SASSY and SEXY holding girlfriend’s dentures!” Like, really?

I’ve noticed their hate towards Joe for a while now. Why? I have no idea. Do they think they’re somewhat funny? Because most of us aren’t laughing. Look at your choices in life, Josh. You look like an asian girl with a bad haircut. I actually thought you were a girl at first!  Sucking up to the Lovato family is not going to get you far in life. Maybe a few bipolar slaps, and a couple of X Factor tickets to shut you up. You can’t blame a bitchy attitude on sarcasm. I’d say you can direct me to Sears, but I’m afraid you’ve bought out the entire store with your pathetic wardrobe. Don’t like what I have to say? I’m sorry, but maybe YOU should make like a Tom, and cruise.



Do YOU think Oceanup should wave out? Leave your comments down below if you’d like!


One thought on “Oceanup should shut up, or wave out.

  1. Josh has his head so far up Demi’s ass, she would need surgery to have him removed. Because of that, he’s still butthurt about what he “thinks” happened between Joe and Demi. The truth is that Demi cheated on Joe multiple times and that is why he dumped her lying ass. Yet she still plays the victim publicly. He should call her out, but he won’t. He’s too nice.

    That said, OU should be aware that Joe’s friend Chase up there has a girlfriend. Girl, as in female. They’re such dickheads.

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