Joe meets Hawaii


“[BlindGossip] What was a fading teen idol doing in a questionable neighborhood late one night? Catching a bite to eat at a local restaurant, uncomfortably posing with the occasional fan for photos, and…  scoring dr*gs?

That’s right. When he thought no one was looking, he met up with the local party girl, who took him into the alley next to a restaurant. Were they asking for menu recommendations? Not unless they come from some shady character dressed all in black in an alley. The hookup girl (Oh, hello Natashia!) did the introductions. The two men nodded at each other, exchanged a couple of words, and then exchanged money for a black plastic baggie. The whole deal took less than a minute, and our boy looked very paranoid, glancing around, and pulling his baseball cap low over his eyes. The man in black took off in one direction, and our boy jumped into a waiting car with the local girl and split.

My, my, my, this young performer is quite the multi-tasker! Television appearances , bad music, fake relationships, and he still manages to find time to score a little sum sum in the back alleys. Time to go to r*hab, brah!”

If this isn’t twisted then I don’t know what is! For years this Jonas Brother has advertised “good clean fun” to everyone. Now it seems like all of his dirty little secrets are coming out at once. When did this start exactly? No idea. Clearly long before his wolfpack protector and “bodyguard” came into the picture. And we all know Willy Ville is too busy scouting the playgrounds for future fresh meat. I understand that when you come of age, you want to experience certain things, and see what the world has to offer. Usually that’s scenery, and not what actually grows that you can blaze. I don’t support drug abuse. Not everyone smokes weed, or messes with drugs at that age. Question. If everyone jumped off the bridge, would you? I am not pointing into his direction and pinning a red “D” on his chest for drug addict, but I am saying the rumors are starting to add up. Is he leading a double life? Even Hannah Montana decided to get rid of the wig, Joe. I’m a fan of his work, but not his choices. Clean it up, bro.




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