Natashia Ho was gonna Go-Go dance but then she got high

I don’t think I have ever seen Joe Jonas dating a girl without some kind of catch to them. He has terrible taste when it comes to women, but his recent hang out with a certain model has made me question his decisions. Her name is Natashia Ho (fits her perfectly) and she currently works at TAO as a go-go dancers/entertainer for the VIP’s in Las Vegas. Cute stuff. She comes off as an innocent and sweet girl from Hawaii, but she likes to photograph and document herself smoking weed daily. Having a bad day? Natashia has the weed, let’s do this! Mondays suck, right? She knows how to make it better. Let me get a hit of that, brah.

Don’t know if this is true, but I’ve heard that she is one of the girls Brody Jenner cheated on Jayde Nicole with. Really? I would really love to know what TAO thinks about this. I don’t think they would appreciate a worker of theirs advertising they work for their company, and then post a picture of her hourly hit. I’m pretty sure they’re not a 420 hunny like herself when it comes to business. Then to post a picture of her carpet burnt knees after work doesn’t exactly help with the rumors. You go hard, Natashia, you sure do. I think it was adorable how she decided to delete these photos I posted. Trying to cover up the evidence of who she really is. If you want to smoke weed, then do it. It’s your life, your choices. Just don’t delete the pictures and act like you don’t do it every hour of the day.

As I am making a total and complete joke out of this, in all seriousness, I think this girl is a hotmess waiting to happen. You’re better than this, Joe. You’re a good looking guy. Fish yourself around and find the best, don’t settle. First the girl who posted a picture of you requesting her on Twitter, and now this one? Look at your life, look at your choices.  I’m not saying he smokes weed, or that anyone can peer pressure him into doing that. I am simply giving an opinion of mine about this person, because well, I can. If you’re posting your life on Instagram and Twitter, then you’re asking for someone to give an opinion or comment about the situation.

Your worst alibi,




6 thoughts on “Natashia Ho was gonna Go-Go dance but then she got high

  1. Honestly, you all sound super jealous of this girl. Shes young, pretty, and likes to have fun.. I’m sure none of you are saints. Afterall, judging others is a sin. Get a life and stop prying on hers..

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