Aloha to the coat-tail riders

In the fame game if you’re even slightly “famous” you will deal with a few coat-tail riders here and there. Now if your last name is Jonas, then you’ll probably have more than one or two users in your lifetime. Nope, this is not a post about Mikey Deleasa.

I was a little suspicious about the “Joeho” spotting in Hawaii that happened just a short week ago. The only spotting that actually said her full name, or even at all was this old guy that claimed to assist them. He knew she was a model, her full name, and everything about her. At first I thought she was famous in her homeland, but then I soon realized why would someone who is well known in her city move to Las Vegas to become a go-go dancer for VIP’s? She could walk around in her bra and panties in Hawaii as well. That’s because she’s a nobody, and it didn’t make any sense that a guy of his age would know everything about someone, and then once people questioned that he backed away, pretending like he didn’t know a thing about her. Now he follows her on Instagram, and commenting “You can always come home” looks suspicious to me.

“@CrisSisonAban: Just got done meeting Joe Jonas and Natashia Ho. 2 wonderful person  have a nice Hawaiian Vacation you 2”

Check out this tweet. Weird, right? He switched his story around more than Taylor Swift switches the victim card around in her direction. Still answering haters to this day, just like her friend KRISti who helps choreagraph for circus de soleil from time to time. Both seem to enjoy the word Aloha and can’t discover the spacebar to save their lives. Is it an Hawaiian thing? Love and light, Hawaiians. Anyone remember the article of Joe & Natashia from CDS, with someone claiming she was his girlfriend, and now it’s changed to friend? Maybe some of you can put two and two together and realize what I’m trying to say here.

😉 Aloha,



4 thoughts on “Aloha to the coat-tail riders

  1. Please keep finding shit on this whore. I mean how does Joe Jonas go from T. Swift, to Camilla Belle, to Ashley Greene, to this? Talk about a serious down grade. This is a girl who serves tables in clubs not seats at them. Only one type of girl ends up a Go-Go, Bottle serve chick in vegas. BTW she isn’t a legit model either. She isn’t signed with Ford, or Elite, or Whilemina. Its an obsure agency, and she has only done racy almost nude shots at best. And Go-Go dancers make even less then stripper in Vegas, now how do you think these type of girls make extra money, to support their life styles? Just putting that out there. Is Joe this desperate or, has he feed into a line of bullshit a older and wiser guy wouldn’t have? Kind of an expensive lesson to learn just because someone sucked your dick real good.

    • Nice blog you have here. Apparently someone used that guys name who met them and opened a fake twitter account using his name. But he did met them. I know that guy.

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